Inspired by Earth’s Raw Power

The islands of Hawaii emerged from the sea over 70 million years ago, forged by the raw power of volcanoes. The tenuous and brutal dance between tectonic plates eventually forced lava eruptions. This process repeated enough times to gradually become the archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands  we know today; made up of islands, atolls, shoals and seamounts stretching over 1,500 miles.

HAWAII LAVA™ pays homage to this powerful, natural process. The interplay of red, orange, and yellow within the mirror’s colors further highlights the multidimensional appearance of natural lava.

CLIFF HOUSE – 299.99

CRUZEM – $249.99

POKOWAI ARCH – $249.99

RED SANDS – $249.99

SHORE BREAK – $249.99

KOKI BEACH – $249.99

NANEA – $299.99

KAWIKA – $299.99

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Perfect for everyday conditions.

Fully-applied red mirror is placed onto the popular HCL® Bronze base lens color.

Style & Protection.

Head-turning colors, stellar views, and superior protection trusted by eye care professionals.